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Rural America Community Fund 

Educating, Supporting, Advocating, and Providing Compassionate Care for Those at-Risk and Those Living with HIV Since 1989.  

NIAC has been offering free HIV and Hepatitis-C prevention education, screening, condoms, HIV linkage to care, and medical case management to Rural Americans in North Idaho for 32 years.  



Rural Americans have higher incidence of mortality rates, infectious disease, disabilities, health disparities, and for those seeking HIV care, they can face over-whelming stigma that makes it harder for them to seek HIV and Hepatitis-C testing and medical care. 

Health inequality occurs when rural residents have limited access to health-care providers, health-care specialists, and effective treatment opportunities. Rural American health disparities are due in large part because of lower socioeconomic status, geographic location, health-care provider shortages, at-risk behaviors, and fewer job opportunities. 


HIV stigma refers to negative judgement towards people who are at-risk or who are living with HIV and it discourages them from seeking care. With little anonymity, Rural Americans can be afraid that their family members, friends, or neighbors will find out that they are seeking HIV testing or treatment. 

COVID-19 has had a major impact on NIAC's ability to raise funds that go towards HIV/Hep-C services as most of our fundraising is accomplished in cooperation with our community restaurants, art-galleries, and other public establishments. Many of our community partners have seen an economic down-turn in business which limits their ability to partner with and/or give to NIAC for continued services. Yet, those at-risk for and living with HIV have experienced job loss, food shortages, reduced access to health-care, COVID-19 diagnosis, and related challenges. 

Every dollar that you donate to NIAC goes towards providing HIV 101 education, free HIV and Hepatitis C screening, free condom distribution, mobile screening services, food pantry items for HIV+ clients, SSP services, medical case management services, housing services, personal protective equipment (PPE) for clients and staff, and towards the costs of keeping our doors open. 


Please help us to continue to provide compassion, access, and HIV prevention and care services to people in our community by donating today. 

Please donate a gift of $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, or $50.00 as a one-time gift or consider becoming a monthly partner with NIAC and help us end the HIV epidemic, fight stigma, and bridge health disparities in Rural North Idaho. 




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