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North Idaho AIDS Coalition (NIAC) 

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   "I Know my Status"

"I Have HIV, Please Hug me, I Can't Make You Sick." 

"Love shouldn't Kill"

"Respect Yourself, Get Tested."

"Spread the Word, Not the Virus." 

"The Risk is Not Knowing." 

"Help Yourself, Get Tested, Get Educated, Get on With Life." 

"Take the Test, Take Control." 

"Wear a Condom, Every Time." 



At NIAC everyone is welcome!


We DO NOT discriminate regardless your sexual orientation, gender identity, HIV status, living situation, or economic status.

We DO NOT discriminate if you use drugs, in rehab, or of  your race.

We DO NOT discriminate, period!


Come as you are, we are here to help. 

If you live in Latah, Clearwater, Nez-Perce, Lewis, or Idaho County, Idaho

Check out our new HIV self-test kits that can be mailed to you. 

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